At the Washington Waldorf School, we believe that music is an integral part of the education and development of the whole human being. It serves as a unifying force for integrating the head, hands, and heart of students. With music permeating the daily school activities in all grades and across the subject areas, we strive to awaken in students the musical life that is already there. Singing, playing instruments, and learning the history of music all contribute to a musical foundation that enriches students and makes music a permanent and fundamental part of their lives.

All students in Grades 1 - 8 learn to play the pentatonic flutes, the Choroi C flutes, and soprano recorder, and eventually work in four-part recorder ensembles. In addition, students in grades four through six learn to play violin, viola, or cello. Middle School students choose to play in our middle school guitar ensembles, chamber orchestra, or sing in chamber choir. Students learn to sing in unison and in two-parts, and by eighth grade are singing in four-part harmony. They are taught basic music theory as well as music history, culminating in the eighth grade class composition projects.

High school students continue to develop their musical skills in curricular choir, strings or guitar classes, musical theatre production, and in MetroGnomes, the Washington Waldorf acapella choir. The 11th grade music history block studies music spanning the ages. Washington Waldorf Music Department embraces all styles of music, including classical, world music, gospel, and popular.

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