The Washington Waldorf School’s financial aid program has two goals: to provide qualified students with a Waldorf education who might not otherwise be able to afford one, and to develop a student body that is reflective of the School’s values and mission regardless of financial status. Financial aid decisions in no way impact student admissions decisions.

  • Approximately 20% of the WWS annual operating budget is devoted to financial aid.
  • 38.4% of students received financial aid this school year.
  • The average financial aid award is $17,200.
  • Full need financial aid is available for the high school (up to 95% of tuition) through the Susan Anderson Nash Grant. Learn more about the grant below.

We have one of the highest percentages of annual budget devoted to financial aid among independent schools in the DC area which is indicative of our commitment to providing affordable Waldorf education. Financial limitations should not deter a qualified student from applying to the Washington Waldorf School, and parents are encouraged to apply for financial aid. At the same time, the Financial Aid Office is mindful of its obligation to assign funds responsibly, prudently, and consistently.

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Washington Waldorf uses the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS), for financial aid applications. Please complete an application on the SSS website. Reach out to with any questions.

School and Student Services
Our SSS code: 8044

In keeping with our desire to make it possible for committed WWS/Waldorf families to choose our high school and allow their children to complete their Waldorf education, we offer the Susan Anderson Nash grant.

Any high school student at WWS whose family applies for financial aid and qualifies for assistance beyond our regular 50% cap, will have their high school student’s full need met by a combination of financial aid and the SAN Grant, up to 95% of tuition.

The following describes the process for receiving the grant:

  • The family must apply for tuition assistance through SSS, our regular financial aid process. See the Financial Aid Brochure on our website at
  • Families whose financial aid exceeds the WWS 50% financial aid cap, will automatically receive an additional grant to meet their high school child’s full need.
  • Families receiving the SAN Grant will be notified at the same time they receive their financial aid award.
  • There is no requirement for the high school student to apply or participate in a process to receive this grant.

We are sure Susan Anderson Nash would be very pleased with this award that bears her name. We think she would whole-heartedly approve of the opportunity it offers for many more to have the crowning experience of a full Waldorf education.