Questions and Answers about the ONE FUND

The Washington Waldorf School ONE FUND supports both the tuition assistance program and operating budget. It is made up of gifts from generous parents, alums, teachers, staff, former staff, grandparents, and friends in support for some of our most precious projects. Your ONE FUND donation makes an immediate impact on the quality of the school and directly benefits your child and other students.

Tuition alone does not cover the costs of an independent school education. Like other schools and colleges, the Washington Waldorf School relies on gifts to help meet annual expenses and provide funding for critical projects. Historically, the gap between tuition income and expenses is around 6% of the budget. Your generous donation helps us bridge this gap.

The ONE FUND provides resources for our operating budget in support of all aspects of the school, from the nuts-and-bolts of maintaining the building to larger mission-driven work, and financial assistance for 40% of our families.

The Trustees Council, the School's governing body, with the College of Teachers, tries to keep tuition as low as possible so as many families as possible will be able to afford a Waldorf Education. Raising tuition would restrict even further the number of families who could attend the school. At the same time, we must maintain the authenticity of our programs. Charitable contributions help us achieve both goals.

By helping to cover the gap between what it actually costs to educate each student at the school each year and tuition, your gift to ONE FUND directly influences the educational experience students have at the Washington Waldorf School. The availability of more resources equals access to enhancing our very special learning environment. Also, contributions to the Washington Waldorf School are tax-deductible, whereas tuition payments are not. When you donate to ONE FUND you help keep tuition payments lower and your gift entitles you to a tax benefit.

We hope that every participant will be as generous as possible. We want you to give what you can to support our school and community with joy! Gifts of all sizes are needed and welcome. Every dollar makes a difference, and every student benefits.

While we rely on the generosity of leadership gifts, please realize that every gift —no matter the size—is needed and important. We truly value participation in ONE FUND. The percentage of parent support is important in the eyes of foundations and major donors. It is considered a sign of institutional strength when donors see broad-based giving from our community. When you give joyfully to your own school, foundations and other donors notice!

There are ways we all can help. You can pledge now and defer your payment until later or pay in installments via your BigSIS account, bank check, or credit card. All pledge payments for a specific campaign year must be received by the close  of our fiscal year to be counted, which is June 30.

Yes! A monthly donation is an excellent way to support the Washington Waldorf School. You may also make a monthly donation by using your credit card or you can have it rolled into your bill via BigSIS. A $50 monthly donation adds up to a significant $600 yearly gift!

When you make a gift to WWS, you can double or triple its impact by checking with your employer to see if they participate in a matching gift program. Many companies and foundations match the value of charitable gifts made by employees and their spouses, board members, and retirees.

Everyone in the Waldorf community! If you’d like to pass along more information about the ONE FUND to your parents, friends, or family we will send an e-mail for you to share. We hope you’ll share our request widely with your network.