"Waldorf students are encouraged to live with self-assurance, reverence for life, and a sense of service." – Ernest Boyer, President, Carnegie Institute for the Advancement of Teaching & former U.S. Commissioner of Education

Washington Waldorf School Alums are the legacy of our school. Whether you attended three years of Children's Garden or 12 years in the Lower School through High School, you are an alum of WWS and part of the WWS family.

We want to stay connected with you, to keep you informed about current happenings and help you stay connected with each other. Here are a few ways to connect and give back with the school, your teachers, and classmates:

Waldorf Alum Connect Header

The Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) has launched Waldorf Alum Connect as a tool for connecting and networking with other Waldorf alumni across the country. Create a profile, connect with Washington Waldorf School and other Waldorf School alums, and attend virtual events for Waldorf alums, hosted by AWSNA.