2015 School Renovation Project

School Renovation Project

In September 2015, the Washington Waldorf School successfully completed essential renovations to our building located at 4800 Sangamore Road, Bethesda, MD. The Build Our Vision capital campaign, and the essential partnership with Montgomery County allowed WWS to make capital improvements for the benefit of current and future generations of WWS students.

Thank you to all of our parents, alumni, faculty, parents of alumni, grandparents, and friends whose gifts helped us raise $4.8 million for the Build Our Vision Capital Campaign during the period of July 2012 – June 2015.


The renovation and construction costs supported by the Build Our Vision capital campaign, and required by the terms of our 30-year lease with Montgomery County, included:

  • Installation of a high-efficiency HVAC system
  • Installation of a new insulated, reflective roof
  • Replacement of existing windows with insulated double pane windows
  • Upgrade of the electrical systems
  • Upgrade of lighting systems and fire safety systems, and replacement of existing ceilings
  • Addition of an ADA-accessible bathroom
  • Addition of a new entry and entrance hall

We successfully completed this endeavor only with the help and participation of all of our extended community members — including alumni, parents of alumni, faculty, former faculty, friends, and extended families. Thank you!

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Sven Abow
Natalie and John Adams
Stephen Adelmann and Lynn Wenning-Adelmann
Clopper and Joan Almon
Hasan and Zeena Altalib
Ali Alwahti and Marilyn Noguera
Scott Anderson and Brigit Viksnins
Alison Babil
Geoff and Carol Baker
Barbara Bancroft
Robert Barnwell Sr., in honor of Lezlie Lawson
Rob Barnwell and Lezlie Lawson
Michael and Susan Barr
Ali Bayne and Carlos Perez-Verdia
Nevin Bender
Jack M. Benson and Cecilia Berg-Benson
Tom Berry and Brigitte Moser
Lark Bergwin-Anderson
Mary Bicknell
Noel Bicknell and Caitlin MacKenzie
Major and Danielle Bowen
Tracy Bowen and Sandy Wiggins
Karla Brandt and Robert Covey
Philipp and Doerthe Braun
Jack Burbridge and Nancy Raymond
Robert Burchell and Brooke Lindsay
Jim and Chrissy Bryla
Stanley and Dolores Bryla
Wendy Cardany
Carlos and Ana Cavalcanti
Jack Cayouette and Laureen Gaston
Joe Chambers and Judith Wides
Eddie Chang
Colleen Cordes and Robert Engelman
Charlotte’s Web Foundation
Megin Charner-Laird
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David Clissold
Fred and Michele Coleman
Kevin Conway
John and Laura Cox
Nelson and Carolyn Crouch
John and Terry Dammann
Jimmy Daukas and Meg Royce
Jason and Robyn Davis
Denise Deckert
Martine Dehaller
Randy Dentel and TIna Daub Dentel
Patty Deuster
Christos and Joanne Devaris
Michael and Dorine DiConti
Iona Dougherty
Deborah Drozen
Denny and Sandie Duerksen
Richard and Teresa Duncan
Richard Efron
Rich Eisenberg and Patti Hoey
Tove and Susan Elfstrom
Jay Endelman and Kathy Simonetti
Jim Epstein and his children, Justine Epstein and Jules Feeney
Lionel Epstein and Elizabeth Streicher
Jeanne Feeney and Family
Matthew and Alexandra Finucane
Files Flory Family
Sean and Eva Foley
Valerie Foote
Nate Forrester
Amy Forseter
Foster Kendall Family
Joel and Susan Fuller
Allison I. Fultz and Stephen A. Langer
Xavier Gibert-Serra aand Elena Patino
Irene Gingold
Laurence and Katalin Gingold
Corinna Gittel
Mark Greiner and Kolya Braun-Greiner
Jody Grossman
Daniel and Margaret Grove
JoseLo Gutierrez and Felicia Desrosiers
Andre and Shelly Hackman
Roy Hakes and Debra Marshall
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Elliot and Christina Harris
Chris and Vivian Hartenau
Raymond and Debra Hearn
Rudolf Heirman and Janet Johnson
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Miriam Hettler
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Eric and Susan Holdsworth
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In honor of Gloria Leon and the Class of 2020
Jon Jackson and Maria Monteverde-Jackson
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Daniel Jamieson and Jennie Rabinowitz
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Kumait Jawdat and Virginia Ibarra
Todd and Sheila Johns
Isiah Johnson and Patricia Mooney
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Eben Kaplan and Jennifer Robinson
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Leah Kedar and Kevin Mutschler
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Paula Wolyniec and Jeffrey Streuwing
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Gary Zizka and Mary Kay Zuravleff
Theo Zizka
Elizabeth Zwicker and Christopher Carlton

Initial Construction Announcements from 2015

On March 18, 2015, the Washington Waldorf School signed a contract with Harvey-Cleary construction to begin work on Phase I of the Sangamore Road campus. Harvey-Cleary, a construction contracting firm whose Washington, DC office was opened in 1986, will oversee the construction of WWS’s planned infrastructure improvements, expansion of its front entry, and infrastructure for future development of a gym at the site.

"This is a moment of great importance in the history of the Washington Waldorf School,” said Board Chair Allison Fultz. “Breaking ground to renew and improve our campus is a realization of a longstanding dream of the hundreds of volunteers and donors in our community who have brought us to this point — to whom we are deeply grateful. But beyond even this, it is a first step towards making our vision of a beautiful long-term, energy efficient home a reality. Raising the last $250,000 to complete the campaign for this first phase of vital improvements is a critical part of achieving our vision, and every gift counts!"

WWS’s planned improvements will feature the installation of state-of-the-art, high-energy efficient heating and cooling system, well insulated and water-proof roofing, beautiful new insulated, double-pane windows, and important utility and life-safety systems upgrades. Students of all ages will benefit from these improvements which will provide for a healthy indoor environment: well-lit by natural light and is environmentally sound.

“It is exciting to think that by September 8, our first day of the 2015–2016 school year, our students will be learning, growing and building community in a weather-tight, energy efficient building,” said Faculty Chair Jennifer Page. “We will continue to grow and improve our programs and look forward to showcasing our school to the Washington DC community in our 'new' home.”

Phase I includes the renovation and expansion of the existing front entrance, installation of a new HVAC system, insulated roof, windows, lighting fixtures, ceiling tile, fire alarm system, fire suppression (sprinkler) system, and upgrade of all utilities. Full scale construction began June 12; our newly renovated building will be ready for the new school year when we open the doors again on September 15, 2015 to our students and families.

Three Construction Workers Meeting

Day 8 of Construction (June 22, 2015) - Existing front office interior walls are gone!

Building Site Exterior

Day 31 of Construction (July 21, 2015) - New windows are being installed this week! Plywood is placeholder until operable window sections are installed.

Dismantled 1953 Boiler

Dismantling of Existing Boiler - Our 1953 boiler, nursed and coaxed into continued operation for decades by alumni parent John Verleun, is no longer in service. On May 18, 2015, Harvey Cleary decommissioned the boiler and started the process of pulling out the boiler, piece by piece.