Note: Each class teacher approaches this general curriculum guide with the freedom to shift and cater it to the particular group of students he or she is teaching. Please speak with your class and subject teachers for specific details regarding curriculum content.

Capital letters indicate main lessons, which are taught in 3–4 week blocks of daily double-period class sessions. In grades 6–8, mathematics and English studies are supplemented by skills classes meeting 2–3 times weekly.


GEOMETRIC DRAWING; BUSINESS MATH; formulas; angle properties; protractor use; measurement; percentage; area and perimeter.


Parts of speech and parts of sentences; note taking; outlining and character maps in literature; business letters; book reports; vocabulary. 


ASTRONOMY; MINERALOGY; BIOMES OF THE WORLD (optional); PHYSICS (sound, light, heat, magnetism, and static electricity).

History and Social Studies


Foreign Languages

Spanish; geography of the Americas.

Fine and Applied Arts

Black and white drawing; calligraphy.

Music and Performing Arts

CLASS PLAY; orchestra or flute ensemble; chorus.


Hand sewing and three-dimensional stuffed animals.


Salad sets (fork and spoon carved from split wood).

Eurythmy, Movement, Outdoor Education, and Electives

Eurythmy; games (fencing, archery, circus arts, tumbling activities, volleyball, rhythmic exercises, and continued running and jumping activities).