The 3rd graders build wikiups on campus as they study the various ways that people have sheltered themselves through time.

Note: Each class teacher approaches this general curriculum guide with the freedom to shift and cater it to the particular group of students he or she is teaching. 

History and Literature

Hebrew Bible stories; Farming and pioneering stories; Native American stories; stories of indigenous peoples around the world; poetry

English and Grammar

Composition; grammar; editing; poetry


Fiction and non fiction


Long division; prime numbers and factoring; arithmetic continued; geometric forms continued; measurement

Geography and Sciences

Practical studies; farming and gardening; composting; grains; the growing cycle; study of shelters and house building in various environments; sheep sheering, washing, carding, dyeing and spinning wool; where things come from 


Verses, songs, and games (vocabulary parallels main lesson subjects)


Beeswax modeling; watercolor painting; form drawing; clay modeling; fiber arts

Music and Performing Arts 

Singing and C-flutes in the major scale; musical notation and dictation; rhythms; percussion instruments; solfège; singing in rounds; class play; speech




Alphabet gestures; “spelling” simple words or names; major and minor movements in musical gesture. 

Movement Education

Continued jump rope activities; tag games and relay races; begin tumbling; begin circus arts; throwing and catching games.