Note: Each class teacher approaches this general curriculum guide with the freedom to shift and cater it to the particular group of students he or she is teaching. Please speak with your class and subject teachers for specific details regarding curriculum content.


Biblical Old Testament stories; stories about pioneering, farming, shelters, and house building; Native American stories and poetry.



English and Grammar

Introduction to the basic parts of speech; complete sentences; punctuation; revising and editing; continued composition work.


Verses, songs, and games (vocabulary parallels main lesson subjects).


Carrying and borrowing; carrying in multiplication; long division; basic prime numbers and factoring; times tables continued; measurement of length, volume, and weight.

Geography and Sciences

Practical studies; house and dwelling building; farming and garden work; soil composition.


Beeswax modeling; watercolors; form drawing.

Music and Performing Arts 

Introduction of music in the major scale; C-flutes; rhythms; percussive instruments; solfege; begin musical notation; singing in rounds.




Bible stories; conscious learning of alphabet gestures; “spelling” simple words or names; major and minor movements in musical gesture. 

Movement Education

Continued jump rope activities; tag games and relay races; begin tumbling; begin circus arts; throwing and catching games.