Annual Student Forms that must be completed before the start of school should be completed online using the Magnus Health Portal.

The forms below are provided for convenient downloading. Completed forms must be uploaded in the Magnus Health Portal.

For All Students

Maryland Immunization Certificate and Requirement (DHMH 896) - Download and print

Additional Forms by Grade

For Children's Garden Students

CG Health Inventory Form (OCC 1215 - Rev Feb 2023) - Download and print

CG Medication Administration Authorization Form (OCC 1216 - Rev Sept 2022) - Download and print

For All Students in Grades 1-12

Grades 1-12 Medication Administration Authorization Form - Download and print

For High School Students Only (Grades 9-12)

Community Service Verification Form - Download and print

HS Student Campus Parking Permission -  Download and print

Students Participating in Grade 5-12 Athletic Programs

Grades 5-12 Athletics Medical Clearance Form - Download and print

If you have questions, please contact: