High School Curriculum

The Waldorf High School curriculum is unusually rich and deep. Students take three kinds of courses: the main lesson blocks, quarter-long courses, and full-year courses. A variety of other electives are also offered. Students participate in the full range of the curriculum.

2017-2018 Class Schedules, Main Lessons, Quarter Courses, Art Blocks

Main Lesson

The Main Lesson provides a concentrated study of specific topics in the humanities, sciences, and mathematics in 3-4 week sessions that meet every day. While Main Lessons are primarily academic in focus, they typically include artistic work that significantly deepens students' appreciation of the subject. Students produce a book for each block, which contains all of their work for the block. The Main Lesson book is an impressive piece of work that students treasure (and use!) long after High School. Conventional text books are used, especially in mathematics and the sciences, though not to the same degree as in most other schools.

Full Year Courses

All students take full-year courses in mathematics, English, foreign language, and technology.

Quarterly Courses

In addition to Main Lessons, students take 2 or 3 additional courses each quarter, with each course meeting 2 or 3 days per week. One of these courses is usually an academic subject, one is art (to which we devote 2 double periods per week), and others are often in movement or drama.

Electives and Whole School Courses

Elective courses are offered at each grade level, with students in grades 11 and 12 having the most options. All students participate in a weekly forum to discuss issues of interest. A list of Wednesday electives is available here. A list of music electives is available here.