Fall Bazaar - 45th Anniversary

Please join us for the 45th Annual Fall Bazaar at Washington Waldorf School on Saturday, November 22, 2014.  The Bazaar will have crafts and activities for children of all ages, over 30 artisans and an opportunity to purchase beautiful Waldorf inspired items made by WWS parents.  Have lunch in the bistro; enjoy entertainment throughout the day and snack on delicious baked goods and coffee while you are shopping.


  • The region’s finest artisans
  • Puppet shows
  • Live entertainment
  • Crafts, games & activities for children
  • Books, toys & hand-crafted gifts
  • Delicious lunch and desserts

This Year's Crafts

Candle Craft

The candle craft has been a part of our school Bazaar for as long as most people now can remember.  It is a craft which has developed into classic status.  All ages can be found decorating a candle.  The candles have changed on occasion over the years but they typically now are taper and pillar candles.  Decorating beeswax in various colors and shapes are warmed in the hand pressed into the side of the candle.  For the tapers, there is also a base to decorate.  Items such as mini pinecones, star anise, tree bark, berries, birdseed, small greens, glass pebbles, acorns and probably other things over the years are carefully glued onto the base around the candle.  A treasure is born and the trick will be whether your child will let you burn the candle, and if so, for how long!  But then again, you may not want to use it up either!

Children’s Shop
The Children’s Shop has evolved over the years but is always lovingly recreated in one way or another for the Bazaar.  This is a place where our young children can go and shop for small treasures hand made with care by our parent community.  Children go into the room through an evergreen arch and enter into a beautifully transformed space with low tables just for them.  The Shop is usually decorated with a seasonal theme with silks and decorative objects from nature providing a lovely back drop for the offerings.  All items are typically priced between one and five tickets ($1-$5).  Children go through on their own with a small basket and purchase things such as small flower fairies or gnomes, walnut babies, beaded bracelets and necklaces, finger puppets, bark boats and much more.  We also offer a variety of gems and minerals which are hugely popular.

Copper Lanterns
This relatively new craft gives our older children the opportunity to participate in something creative at the Bazaar.  Copper sheets are punched with special tools to allow light to pass through (a votive candle is provided to place inside).  Children can create their own designs and pictures.  Once the punching is completed, the copper sheet is rolled into a cylinder and fastened.  They can now be placed on a table with a candle inside.  Warmth and light provided for the beginning of the shorter and cooler days and longer nights.

Magical Maze
Enter into a softly lit room with the smell of fresh greenery in the air and the gentle sounds of sweet musical notes.  The maze is enjoyed as much by parents as it is by the children.  It is a truly magical environment to enter into as you feel the softness and warmth envelope you.  Children are guided through the spiral shaped maze and they end their journey with a vision of a scene from a winter wonderland, some fairy dust, and a small glass treasure to remember their visit.

Sun Catcher Windows
Like the beauty of stained glass, the Sun Catcher Window is at its loveliest when placed in a window. This is a fun activity for all ages of children, including the very young. Children are given a small frame with a clear adhesive film.  From there, they can choose different shapes of precut tissue paper to place on the adhesive.  Older children can explore more specific patterns, while the younger child can delight in watching what happens as different colors and shapes overlap and new forms emerge. Once the children finish, a second piece of film is placed on top with a frame backing and the masterpiece is complete!  It is a simple and satisfying craft to be enjoyed by all! 

Painted Silks

The original purpose of this craft was a reusable giftwrap, it quickly was adapted to playsilk and wearable scarf status as well.  This craft truly spans the ages with the very young and very ‘not so young’.  Everyone seems to enjoy paining on silk.  And that’s exactly what this craft is.  A square of silk is placed down upon newsprint and you grab a brush, some paint and create a work of art, wearable or otherwise.  Some choose to paint an actual picture, some are more abstract, but all are one of a kind.  After some heat setting with an iron, you are ready to go. 

Face Painting and Henna
Probably one of the few crafts which is completely self-explanatory.  Come to have your face painted or to have henna applied by one of our talented high school students.  Many designs available and samples are provided to give you inspiration.  Children tend to gravitate towards the face painting while adults are not uncommon in the henna station.

Pocket Wizard and Pocket Lady
These lovely people wander around the school with their flowing robes full of many pockets holding tiny treasures.  Children pay two tickets for their chance to choose a pocket and receive a surprise.  This is a special and anticipated opportunity and those who volunteer their time to transform into the wizard or lady are often the same people year after year who enjoy it as much as the children. 

The Waldorf Store

Every year, the Store holds a beautiful array of toys, gifts, and handwork - offering the opportunity to stock up on holiday gifts and to help with an important fundraiser for the school. Here is another sneak peak of what you will find this year:

Dream Pixie. Heavy Baby dolls come to us from Dream Pixie so look for these adorable and oh-so-wonderful-to-hold beautifully handcrafted creations. 

A selection of books on Waldorf education, books for children. We have a beautiful selection of picture books for children, including Elsa Beskow’s wonderful stories. A lovely assortment of Waldorf crafting books, Grimm’s fairy tales, and Norse, Scottish and Swedish folk tales. Findus makes his first appearance in our Store, and we have repeat appearances by authors and illustrators such as Gerda Muller, Daniela Drescher, and Sibylle von Olfers.

Yarn & roving from Dancing Leaf Farm. This beautiful yarn and roving is hand-painted in a rainbow of colors by Dalis Davidson on her farm in Barnesville, Maryland. There is also a selection of organic cotton to knit up beautiful baby sweaters, washcloths, or a cozy blanket.

Knitting Needles by Peace Fleece. The perfect partner to Dancing Leaf Farm’s yarn, these needles are milled in Maine and then sent to Russia where they are hand painted.

Needle felting & wet felting supplies.  Including an assortment of needles, felting pads and roving. For beginners, pick up the Peace Fleece Earth Ball kit or one of the FeltCrafts kits. We also have needle-felting kits by Woolpets – a cute array of animals with most simple enough for beginners.

Kits from Dieters Holzspielzeug. This German company makes a wide variety of educational kits, craft kits and toys. The selection this year includes a rain detector, building an electric motor, and building an alarm – great for older children! There are also braiding stars to make friendship bracelets, bead looms, basket making kits, stamp making, and beginner felting kits.

SunPrints.  These small kits are fun for younger and older children.  Place an object upon the SunPrint paper, set in the sun for a period of time and see the shadow of the image appear. These are wonderful to just display or use in creating your own note cards by affixing the image to cardstock.

Gifts for Adults. Wait until you see the decorative ornaments we have from Germany! These beautiful items each have a Swarovski crystal to reflect a rainbow of light into your room. We have pure beeswax candles from Hinode Farm. This family run business in Oregon uses beeswax collected from one beekeeper to produce their high quality candles.   

To see what else we have, be sure to come to the Bazaar and visit the Store!

A Sampling of Last Year's Artisans

Interested in being a vendor at the Bazaar?
Click here for an application, due October 1.

U.S. Wooden ToysHandmade Wooden Toys - uswoodtoys.com
Bee America -
We offer varietal honeys from iconic regions of the United States and proudly feature pure local honey from our own apiary in Bethesda along with natural, honey-based lip balm.
Little Red Whimsey -
Handmade gnomes, fairies and other whimsies for creative play!
Linda Slayen -
Fused Glass Dishes, Platters, Jewelry and Crochet Wire Earrings
Woolen Whimsey -
A unique boutique of whimsical little luxuries perfect for gift giving, handmade by Sharon Leon.
Inter-American Deco -
We specialize in high quality alpaca garments and accessories made of the finest fibers with elaborate designs, styles and colors.
Antiochia USA -
Traditional Turkish Bath Towels and Luxurious Home Linens
Jacqueline Handley -
Exquisite Handwoven Silk Textiles and Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry all designed and handcrafted in Southeast Asia (Laos, Thailand and Jaipur,India).
Heide's Pottery -
My functional pottery consists of wheel thrown and altered pieces as well as hand built unique items with some whimsical aspects.
Each Day is a Celebration (WWS Parent) -
Seasonal cards, both serious and humorous, in oil and watercolor, and a small number of paintings from which the cards are made.
Global Bead Design -
Beaded jewelry and beaded wine accessories made by Judith
Imagine Greenwear -
Organic clothing for kids and adults printed with seaweed based dyes and made in Fairfax, Va.
Handmade Purses and Precious Gems -
Colorful, unique, one of a kind, hand knit wool purses plus a collection of hand made jewelry crafted with precious and semi precious gem stones.
One of a Kind -
Handcrafted items from the farm, fairies and angels, and felting kits.
Relay Foods - Relay Foods is an online grocery store and farmers market offering fresh, local and healthy foods for your family.
Arts of Asia - Arts of Asia features fair trade crafts including textiles, silver, lacquer, and other creative treasures from Burma, Bali, Thailand, and Afghanistan.
Crystal Beeswax - Choice 100% beeswax goodies from the mountains of Virginia.
Never Ever Boutique - Handmade, uniquely designed, fashion accessories for young women of all ages.
Sapphire Star Arts - One of a kind repurposed magic wool garments.
Fine Ceramics by Ana Cavalcanti (WWS Parent) - Fine crafted pottery and jewlrey with an artistic touch, offering exclusive designs where function meets art.
Good Golly Miss Olli! - Cloth Waldorf dolls made by hand with all natural materials, and hand-dyed yarn for knit and crochet.
Lauren Rubenstein - Mom’s Choice Gold Award-winning book, Visiting Feelings, teaches children how to mindfully welcome all feelings.
Nora Fischer Designs Jewelry:  Hand crafted sterling silver jewelry with pearls and semi-precious stones. Nora's work has been featured in the Washington Post and recently on ABC's Scandal.