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WWS Summer Camp

Camp Details

Instructor: Peter Yenken

Session Dates: 6/19 - 6/23, 7/10 - 7/14

Ages: 9-14

Cost: $395

Camp Description

During this camp, campers can choose to make either bow/quiver/arrow OR they can choose to make a knife/wooden handle/sheath. For the bow/arrow/quiver, children will make by hand a wooden bow from hickory wood, wooden arrows with real turkey feathers, and a leather quiver. They will also learn to shoot their bows using the instinctive archery or traditional archery methods. For the knife making (make the wooden handle and the leather sheath; (Peter will bring the blade and put it in the handle). You go home with your own knife made to fit your own hand! Leather bag or backpack making as well-hand stitch a leather shoulder bag or a medium or full size backpack.

About Peter Yencken: Peter has been making bows for more than 25 years. He started making bows while working at Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School. He is a guest teacher to many wilderness schools here in the U.S. and in Australia. Peter has taught the art of making bows to well over 1,500 people ages six to 89.

Limit 12 campers.