Development Committee

The current Development Committee consists of the following members:

Vanessa Beckman, Current Parent, Trustees Council member, Grade 4 & 6
Lisa Catalone Castro, Current Parent, Grade 8 & 9
Michael Danzansky, Chair, Current Parent, Grade 6
Susannah Goodman, Current Parent, Grade 4
Stephanie Hanson, Current Parent, Grade 2
Caitlin MacKenzie, Staff, Current Parent, Grade 11
Maria Monteverde-Jackson, Staff, Current Parent, Grade 9 & 11 
Marilyn Noguera, Current Parent, Grade 10
Jennifer Page, Faculty Chair
Taisto Saloma, HS Faculty, Athletic Director, Current Parent, CG and Grade1

If you are interested in joining the committee or volunteering for the Development Office, please contact Caitlin MacKenzie via email or call 301-229-6107 ext. 127.

Class Agents

We are actively seeking Class Agents for this School Year.

If you are interested in serving as a Class Agent for your child's grade or children's grades, please contact Caitlin MacKenzie via email or call 301-229-6107 ext. 127.

In general, the role of the Class Agent is to provide outreach and information on the importance of every WWS families' participation in the WWS Annual Fund. The Class Agent is invaluable to the work of the WWS Development Office in helping other parents understand the mission and goals of WWS and the value that the Annual Fund brings to sustaining the financial health of the school in supporting those goals. In addition, the Class Agent serves as a liaison to the Development Committee, a volunteer parent committee, to share information about upcoming all-school events and all-school fundraisers that benefit the operating budget and financial health of the school.

Class Agents typically serve one-year terms and work directly with the class parents within their child's class.