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Adjunct Cello Instructor

Date Posted: July 26, 2022

To Apply: Please email a cover letter and resume to employment@washingtonwaldorf.org, attn: Claudia Berg.

No phone calls, please.

Job Description

We are seeking an experienced adjunct cello teacher, effective immediately to work with our LS Instrumental Music Director. 

The cello teacher will teach eight 45-minute string sectionals per week in grades 4-8.  Hours are Mondays 10:30-3:00pm and Wednesdays 10:00-3:00pm.  Compensation is based on a per hour rate without any benefits.

Primary Responsibilities include the following:

  • Work directly with Courtney Daley, our LS Instrumental Music Director.
  • Teach eight 45-minute string sectional per week in grades 4-8 on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • Attend music faculty meetings on Wednesdays at 10:00am.
  • Assist in writing mid-year and year-end reports for each student (additional pay).
  • Help prepare students for several performances throughout the year, including a Lower School Instrumental Concert in the spring.
  • Help prepare students for “Lunch Music” (a short informal monthly concert during lunch).
  • Assist in helping students and families find private or semi-private instruction and follow up with families who need encouragement. You may also teach students privately after school, independently.  There is a small space rental fee.
  • Encourage students to develop a daily practice routine.