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Whether it’s by having students stand on their desks for a lively poetry reading or participate in hands-on activities that bring lessons to life, we inspire learning by engaging children emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

Because most Lower School class teachers stay with the same group of children from first through fifth or eighth grade, they develop a deep understanding of their students.

Crafts and courses like woodworking teach students to pay close attention, think through problems, and gradually discover solutions.

In a ceremony at the start of the school year, each 12th grade student presents a white rose to a first grade student. The pair regularly reunites throughout the year for activities, and the first grader presents a red rose to the senior at graduation.

Class trips begin in third grade with a five-day visit to an organic farm in upstate New York. The trips boost students’ self-confidence and encourage their connections to the natural world and with each other.

Handwork begins in first grade, with knitting, to develop fine motor and math skills. Fifth graders learn to knit using circular knitting needles.

Geometry is introduced in sixth grade with geometric drawings and continues throughout middle school.