Note: Each class teacher approaches this general curriculum guide with the freedom to shift and cater it to the particular group of students he or she is teaching. Please speak with your class and subject teachers for specific details regarding curriculum content. 


Ancient India, Persia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece. 


Greek myths; scenes from ancient history; tall tales; biographies of great men and women.


Dewey Decimal System. 

English and Grammar

Prepositional phrases; plural possessive; active and passive voice; book reports. 


Present tense verb conjugation; Mexico; festivals.


Decimals; conversions between decimals and fractions; freehand geometric forms; kinds of triangles; the 360° division of a circle may be introduced; Pythagorean theorem.

Geography and Sciences

Botany; U.S. and North American geography; unusual animals.


Freehand geometric drawing; introduction to veil painting; drawing of academic subjects; clay modeling.

Music and Performing Arts

Orchestra; time signatures; key signatures; minor scales; singing in parts.


Carving a wooden bowl with gouges, mallets, etc.


Intermediate knitting; projects in the round.


Five-pointed star; forms now always facing frontal; rod exercises continued; simple tone of Eurythmy pieces with gestures; major scales.

Movement Education 

Greek games (javelin, discus, ring wrestling, and running); circus arts; capture the flag and other running games; begin volleyball; throwing and catching.