2nd graders rehearsing the play they present to the school for the beloved Michaelmas celebration.

Note: Each class teacher approaches this general curriculum guide with the freedom to shift and cater it to the particular group of students he or she is teaching. 

History and Literature

Fables and folklore; legends of "holy" people from various cultures who have made a difference; Native American stories; poetry

English and Grammar

Beginning composition skills; grammar; directed reading groups; reading 


General library use


Arithmetic in the four operations; calendar; time

Geography and Sciences

Natural life cycle explored through nature and animal stories; activities outside in all weather


Verses, songs, and games (vocabulary parallels main lesson subjects)


Form drawing; beeswax modeling; watercolor painting; drawing; clay modeling

Music and Performing Arts

Folk music; singing and flutes in the pentatonic scale; class play; speech 


Knitting and purling 


Fables and animal stories; mirror forms; movement to piano 

Movement Education

Games; jump rope; running; coordination activities; throwing and catching