Note: Each class teacher approaches this general curriculum guide with the freedom to shift and cater it to the particular group of students he or she is teaching. Please speak with your class and subject teachers for specific details regarding curriculum content. 


Fables and folklore; legends of saints and holy people from various cultures; Native American stories and poetry.


Early readers; general library use.

English and Grammar

Beginning composition skills; basic punctuation; recognizing common words and word families; directed reading groups. 


Verses, songs, and games (vocabulary parallels main lesson subjects).


Times tables; place value; double-digit addition and subtraction; square numbers introduced; calendars and telling time.

Geography and Sciences

Natural life cycles explored through nature and animal stories.


Symmetry and mirror form drawings; beeswax modeling; watercolors (adding secondary colors).

Music and Performing Arts

Folk music; pentatonic scale continued; pentatonic flutes; speech. 


Knitting continued (introduction of purl stitch). 


Fables and animal stories; begin mirror forms; divide class into two groups at times.

Movement Education

Rhythmical circle games; jump rope; running tag games; rolling and coordination activities; begin throwing and catching.