1st graders preparing for a feast to celebrate the completion of their first knitting project - a rabbit.

Note: Each class teacher approaches this general curriculum guide with the freedom to shift and cater it to the particular group of students he or she is teaching. 

History and Literature

Fairy and folks tales from around the world; nature stories; poetry.

English and Grammar

Pictorial introduction to the alphabet; sight words; phonemes; word families; rating


Qualities of numbers 1–12; introduction to the four operations; basic geometric shapes and freehand geometric drawing

Geography and Sciences

Study of nature and the seasons through observation; nature walks; activities outdoors in all weather


Verses, songs, and games (vocabulary parallels main lesson subjects).


Beeswax modeling; watercolor painting (primary colors); drawing; form drawing

Music and Performing Arts

Singing and flutes in the pentatonic scale; class play; speech


Making knitting needles; knitting


Moving in the circle accompanied by pentatonic music on piano

Movement Education

Rhythmic circle games; jump rope