WWS Annual Fund

The WWS Annual Fund is the School's most important source of revenue other than student tuition. Your gift to the Annual Fund support's the School's mission in every way, and immediately goes to support: faculty development, curricular and service learning trips, quality classroom supplies, athletics, outdoor education, and financial aid.

Growing a Strong Community TOGTHER, 100% participation in the WWS Annual Fund allows the School to continue to invest in our students through experienced faculty, enriched programming, high quality classroom materials, and experiential class trips.

Our goal this year is to raise $300,000 and to achieve 100% participation. Please join us in supporting the WWS Annual Fund.

The 2016-2017 Annual Fund campaign runs from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017. You can contribute today by giving your gift online, or by sending your gift by mail to WWS, 4800 Sangamore Road, Bethesda, MD 20816. Checks should be made out to WWS, with "Annual Fund" in the memo line. Credit card payments by phone or donations of stocks and securities are also welcome; contact Caitlin MacKenzie, Development Director, at 301-229-6107, ext. 127.

Federal employees can donate to WWS quickly and easily through payroll deductions. Click here to access the Combined Federal Campaign Payroll Deduction, and use the CFC code #80332 to select the Washington Waldorf School as your charitable beneficiary.

Thank you to our families, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni and faculty who participated in the FY 2015-2016 Annual Fund (as of June 30, 2016) to raise $297,000 in support of WWS faculty and programming:

Anonymous (10)
Sven Abow
Natalie and John Adams
Agur Itai
Ali Alwahti and Marilyn Noguera
Scott Anderson and Brigit Viksnins
Laurent and Clare Andre
Allison Babil
Rich Ann Baetz
Geoff and Carol Baker
Joseph Balintfy
Barb and John Bancroft
Magali Barbaran
Rob Barnwell and Lezlie Lawson
Michael and Susan Barr
James and Christina Bartolomeo
John and Vanessa Beckman
Alexander J. Belida and Patricia Reber
Karim and Aglaia Benni
Jack Benson and Cecilia Berg-Benson
Lark Bergwin-Anderson
Mary Bicknell
Noel Bicknell and Caitlin MacKenzie
David Boos and Rebecca Burgess
Jaron Bourke and Sarinah Kalb
Philipp Braun and Doerthe Braun
Michael Brewer
Chris and Mireya Brogan
Kent Brokenshire and Francesca Munzi
Deryk Brown
E. Cooper and Leimoni Brown
Cully Brownson
Aaron Bruner and Adrienne Gallo
Jim and Chrissy Bryla
Barbara Buchman and John Verleun
Edward Buckley and Dr. Margaret Gennaro
Donald and Lynn Bufano
Micah Bump and Florencia de Villar
Bill Bunting and Virginia Tarris
Robert Burchell and Brooke Lindsay
Tom Buzas and Rebecca Jimenez Vargas
Wendy Cardany
Rodolfo Castro and Lisa Catalone-Castro
Carlos and Ana Cavalcanti
Jeff Caudill and Judith Graff
Carlos and Ana Cavalcanti
Jack Cayouette and Laureen Gaston
Joe Chambers and Judith Wides
Vanessa Chang
Ivan and Kathy Charner
Grace Chris
David Clissold
Fred and Michele Coleman
Kevin Collier and Maybelle Kou
David Conrad and Paula Dinerstein
Cameron Conway
John and Laura Cox
Nelson and Carolyn Crouch
Roman Cuena and Christina Conrad
Kevin and Andrea Daney
Jason and Robyn Davis
Denise Deckert
Alan Demmerle and Joy Belluzzi
Christos and Joanne DeVaris
Susie Dillon
Amalya Dixon
Edward Dougherty
Jennifer Dumas
Richard Efron
Basil and Mona Eldadah
Tove and Susan Elfstrom
Robert Engelman
David Epstein
Jim Epstein
Kurt Faerber
Ann Finucane
Ashley Flory
Eric and Amy Forseter
Daniel and Adria Foster
Bill and Nancy Foster
Joel and Susan Fuller
Allison Fultz and Steve Langer
Hiroko Fultz
Christian and Kari Gardiner
Laurence and Katalin Gingold
Paul Girdzis and Adrienne Paiewonsky
Corinna Gittel
Zachary and Jamesen Goodman
Greg and Phyllis Greer
Carlo and Jody Grossman
Jonathan Haberman and Jung Pa
Andre and Shelly Hackman
Liz Hagerman and Edwin Welles
Roy Hakes and Debra Marshall
Frank and Anna Hall
Rufolf Heirman and Janet Johnson
Sheila Harrington and Jim Symons
Malvery and Murchison Henry
Al and Katherine Herrera
Karyl Henry
Dave Hightrink
David Hills and Kristen Henley-Hills
Patrick Hogan
Eric and Susan Holdsworth
David Hollweger
Tom and Ali Holmberg
Tiffany Holodnak
The Hopkins Family: John, Diane, Christopher and Elizabeth
Michael and Greta Horn
Steven Horowitz
Flora Ingenhousz
Bill Jackson
Jonathan Jackson and Maria Monteverde-Jackson
Wendy Jackson
Daniel Ballard Jamieson and Jennie Rabinowitz
Ballard and Diana Jamieson
Ellen Jawdat
Kumait Jawdat and Virginia Ibarra
Susan Joplin
Michael and Carol Joseph
Andrew Joseph and Gabriele Schilz
Kathleen Kadri
Peter and Cecelia Karpoff
Linc and Gopi Kinicutt
David Kirby and Sarah Vakkur
Debbie Kolender
Stacey Kornegay
Ulrike Kozak
Peter Kristensen and Sunny Kaplan
Brian and Ksenia Lake
Naomi Langer
Mary Anne Latorre-Newell
Kwame Lawson and Amiee Lykins-Lawson|
Matthew LeBlanc
Valerie LeBlanc
Marcus and Isabelle Ledbetter
Jonathan and Annette Leland
Xuehui Li
Saul Lieberman
Matt Logan
Craig and Meghan Ludtke
Mary Ann MacKenzie
Ted and Noreen Major
Alan and Cindy Martin
Sara Martin
Christine and Richard Mason
Steve and Marie Maurer
Bonnie McClelland
Cynthia McClelland
Michael and Lorenne McCormick
Marya McQuirter
Bill and Heidi Merkel
Gary Messplay
Earl and Melanie Metzger-Fleetwood
Alden and Connie Meyer
Craig Middlebrook and Amy Northcutt
Keith Miller and Tiziana de Macceis
Aimen Mir and Ayesha Kazmi
Andy Mollard and Christina Hsieh
Miguel and Susan Monteverde
Ken and Pat Moss
Greg Mueller and Patty Deuster
Renate Mueller
Ameha and Fozia Mulat
Marlon and Vicky Muller
Matthew and Alix Murdock
Kevin Mutschler and Leah Kedar
Jeff Naimon and Carla Wheeler
Dileep and Natasha Nair
Scott and Suzanne Nash
David Nebiker and Barbara Cuthill
Irene Nebiker
Dustin and Lahn Nyugen
Romano Ninassi
John Noer and Iris Alvarez
Brent O'Brien
Tim O'Connor and Iryna Polykova
Zhenya Ogorodova
Jon Padgham and Bonnie Auslander
Greg and Jennifer Page
Joe and Allison Palanzo
Trina Parker
Carol Parsons
Rory Patterson
Eron Picus and Sarah Heirman
Jessica Porras
David and Hannah Rabinowitz
Eliza Reed
Trip and Heddy Reid
Nat and Rachel Reid
Linda Caro Reinisch
Stanford Reinisch and Carol Dechant
Maurice and Pat Robinson
Bob Roche and Nancy Hirshbein
Dragos and Carol Roman
Robin Rose and Judy Penski
Larry Rudolph and Kathy Faltin
Flavia Rusznak
Andris and Daiga Rutins
Jennifer Saloma
Taisto Saloma and Abby Saloma
Phil and Fran Sanderson
Chrissie and Lex Sant
Vicki and Roger Sant
Rob Schware and Alice Trembour
Michael and Colette Silver
Linda Simon
Sumeet and JJ Singh
Steve Smith and JLee Newell
A. Elizabeth Sommerfelt
Chuck and Debbie Spitulnik
Steve Steckler and Theodora Scarrato
John and Kathie Stone
Scott and Colleen Taliaferro
Dawn Tanner and Emily Siegel
Carlos and Suzanne Tapia
David and Pavla Teie
Marla Tellez
Troy and Paula Thomas
Corey and Kenann Thompson
Ulrike Thorn
Paul and Erica Tingler
Bowdy and Georgina Train
Lelia True
Craig van Schilfgaarde
Nicole Vikan
Karl and Hiromi Vilbig
Dan and Yon Wacker
Sebastian Waelti and Marie Waelti-Girard
Shirley Wales
Susan Walsh
Jim Warrick
Bruce and Virginia Weber
Elizabeth Welles
Dan and Julie Wendt
Kristian Whipple
Damian and Lydia Whitham
Erica Williams
Michael Wolf and Betty-Ellen Shave
George and Kristina Wyatt
Michelle Wyman and Jim Barrett
Gary Zizka
Gerardo Zuniga and Lucero Lopez
Christopher Carlton and Elizabeth Zwicker
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Clark Charitable Foundation
ExxonMobil Foundation/Mobil Retiree Matching Gift Program
Microsoft Giving Campaign
Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gifts Program
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