Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the most important vehicle for raising the funds WWS needs to cover the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating our students. In addition, the Annual Fund helps limit tuition increases, support additional programs, boost faculty compensation, and diversify our student body.

The support of the entire community is essential in helping to strengthen WWS. The school is deeply grateful for the many gifts of time and treasure that the community has provided. We all recognize that the cost of independent education places a significant burden on many families. At the same time, the philanthropic spirit of the community remains remarkably strong.

This year, our goal for the Annual Fund is $300,000 and 100% participation from our parents and leadership. We need your support more than ever as we continue to invest in our students through experienced faculty, enriching programming, high quality classroom materials and experiential class trips.

Thank you to our families, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni and faculty who participated in the FY 2014-2015 Annual Fund:

Anonymous (15)
Sven Abow
John and Natalie Adams
Stephen and Lynn Adelmann
Hasan and Zeena Altalib
Ali Alwahti and Marilyn Noguera
Scott Anderson and Brigit Viksnins
Laurent and Clare Andre
George and Christa Athas|
Simon and Jane Babil
Rich Ann Baetz
Geoff and Carol Baker
John and Barbara Bancroft
Magali Barbaran
Rob Barnwell and Lezlie Lawson
Michael and Susan Barr
Philip and Lisa Bechmann
Alexander J. Belida and Patricia Reber
Nevin Bender
Karim and Aglaia Benni
Jack and Cecilia Benson
Tom Berry and Brigitte Moser
Noel Bicknell and Caitlin MacKenzie
Helmut and Heidi Billenstein
Carol Boggs
Marc and Lynn Bonitati
David Boos and Rebecca Burgess
Major and Danielle Bowen
John and Mary Brauer
Philipp Braun and Doerthe Braun
Cullen and Sara Brownsen
Aaron Bruner and Adrienne Gallo
Stanley and Dolores Bryla
Jim and Chrissy Bryla
Barbara Buchman and John Verleun
Edward Buckley and Margaret Gennaro
Donald and Lynn Bufano
Jack Burbridge and Nancy Raymond
Robert and Brooke Burchell
Wendy Cardany
Helen Caro
Jeff Caudill and Judith Graff
Carlos and Ana Cavalcanti
Jack Cayouette and Laureen Gaston
Joe Chambers and Judith Wides
Vanessa Chang
Ivan and Kathy Charner
Brad Clark
Corinna Clark
David Clissold
Dorine Colabella DiConti and Michael DiConti
Michele and Fred Coleman
Kevin and Maybelle Collier
David Conrad and Paula Dinerstein
Kevin P. Conway and Shelli Avenevoli
John and Laura Cox
Nelson and Carolyn Crouch
Kevin and Andrea Daney
Jimmy Daukas and Meg Royce
Jason and Robyn Davis
Alan Demmerle and Joy Belluzzi
Randy Dentel and Tina Daub Dentel
Christos and Joanne DeVaris
Jennifer Dumas
Richard Efron
Lur Egan
Basil and Mona Eldadah
Siham Eldadah
Tove and Susan Elfstrom
Jay Endelman and Kathy Simonetti
Jim Epstein
Lionel Epstein and Elizabeth Steicher Epstein
Jonathan Epstein and Rachel Hersh
David Epstein
Anne Fleishman
Ashley Flory
Nate Forrester
Eric and Amy Forseter
Daniel and Adria Foster
Bill and Nancy Foster
Joel and Susan Fuller
Christian and Kari Gardiner
Xavier Gibert-Serra
Laurence and Katalin Gingold
Paul Girdzis and Adrienne Paiewonsky
Zachary and Jamesen Goodman
Greg and Phyllis Greer
Mark Greiner and Kolya Braun-Greiner
Carlo and Jody Grossman
Jonathan Habermann and Jung Pak
Andre and Shelly Hackman
Roy Hakes and Debra Marshall
Frank and Anna Hall
Kathrin Halpern
David and Stephanie Hanson
Elliot and Christina Harris
Alex and Anne Hawkinson
Raymond and Debra Hearn
Malvery and Murchison Henry
Karyl Henry
Michael and Phyllis Herman
Alan and Lani Hill
David Hills and Kristen Henley-Hills
Patrick Hogan
Eric and Susan Holdsworth
David Hollweger
Thomas Holmberg and Alison Southall
Mark and Marie-Christine Hoover
Larry and Barbara Hoover
Michael and Greta Horn
Steven Horowitz
Jonathan Jackson and Maria Monteverde-Jackson
Bill Jackson
Patricia King Jackson
Daniel Ballard Jamieson and Jennie Rabinowitz
Ballard and Diana Jamieson
Joseluis and Sigrid Jimenez
Isiah and Esther Johnson
Michael and Carol Joseph
Andrew Joseph and Gabriele Schilz
Gurujeet Singh and\ Gurujeet Kaur Khalsa
Lincoln and Gopi Kinnicutt
David Kirby and Sarah Vakkur
Stacey Kornegay
Phyllis Kornegay
Ulrike Kozak
Peter Kristensen and Sunny Kaplan
Wally and Mechelle Kulesza
Brian Lake
Allison Fultz and Steve Langer
Kwame and Aimee Lawson
Valerie LeBlanc
Marcus and Isabelle Ledbetter
Andy and Julie Lees
Jonathan and Annette Leland
Gloria Leon
David and Marcia Leonard
William Leung and Vanessa Chang
Andrew Lipton and Elizabeth Franco
Matt Logan
Meghan and Craig Ludtke
Mary Ann MacKenzie
Ted and Noreen Major
Alan and Cindy Martin
Steve and Marie Maurer
Bonnie McClelland
Cynthia McClelland
Michael and Lorenne McCormick
Susanne McLean
Marya McQuirter
Bill and Heidi Merkel
Alden and Connie Meyer
Mark and April Meyerson
Craig Middlebrook and Amy Northcutt
Aimen Mir and Ayesha Kazmi
Andy Mollard and Christina Hsieh
Ken and Pat Moss
Gregory Mueller and Patty Deuster
Renate Mueller
Ameha Mulat and Fozia Joshua
Jeff Naimon and Carla Wheeler
Dileep and Natasha Nair
Tom Nastick and Jane Christenson
Irene Nebiker
Wendy Newell and Troy Windham
Dustin and Lanh Nguyen
Timothy O'Connor and Iryna Polykova
Mark and Julie Oxley
Jon Padgham and Bonnie Auslander
Greg and Jennifer Page
Jung Pak
Jane Panagis
Trina Parker
Juan Carlos Parra-Osorio and Adriana Gomez-Ochoa
Jack and Carol Petrash
Eron Picus and Sarah Heirman
Venil Ramiah
Ajay and Lakshmi Ravulapalli
Eliza Reed
Carol Parsons
Nat Reid and Rachel Rudy
Linda Caro Reinisch
Maurice and Pat Robinson
Jennifer Robinson and Eben Kaplan
Bob Roche and Nancy Hirshbein
Robin Rose and Judy Penski
Taisto Saloma and Abby Saloma
Jennifer Saloma
Phil and Fran Sanderson
Lex and Chrissie Sant
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Sant
Neeran Saraf
David Scher
Rob Schware and Alice Trembour
Jurgen Seidel and Aleen Rothschild-Seidel
Bill and Anna Sigler
Michael and Colette Silver
Linda Simons
Sumeet and Jennifer Singh
Peter and Deniz Sisler
Jeremy Small
Steve Smith and JLee Newell
Torris Smith and Nancy Mautone-Smith
Jonathan and Betsy Smith
A. Elizabeth Sommerfelt
Ydrissa Sow and Christine Sow
Chuck and Debbie Spitulnik
Paul Squire and Marta Schley
Felice Stadler
Katea Stitt
John and Kathie Stone
Shawn Sun and Sherry Lu
Norihiro and Mari Suzaki
Juliette Tahar
Scott and Colleen Taliaferro
Dawn Tanner and Emily Siegel
Carlos and Suzanne Tapia
David and Pavla Teie
The Tiny Zukerberg Family Fund
Troy and Paula Thomas
Corey and Kenann Thompson
Ulrike and Rodney Thorn
Paul and Erica Tingler
Charles and Georgina Train
Max Urmey
Dan and Yon Wacker
Susan Walsh
Kent Waymire and Gretchen Maxwell
Bruce and Virginia Weber
Elizabeth Welles
Edwin Welles and Liz Hagerman
Daniel and Julie Wendt
Kristian Whipple
Damian and Lydia Whitham
Sandy Wiggins and Tracey Bowen
Steve Wilkins and Peggy McManus
Michael Wolf and Betty-Ellen Shave
George and Kristina Wyatt
Yolanda Zamora
Calvin Zon and Laurel Blaydes
Stanford J. Reinisch & Carol Dechant Foundation
Combined Federal Campaign
Microsoft Giving Campaign
ExxonMobil Foundation/Mobil Retiree Matching Gift Program
Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gifts Program
Anthroposophical Society Greater Washington Branch
Exxon Mobil Educational Alliance
Gramp Foundation
Bank of America Charitable Trust
Sumner Square Condominium
One Cause