Alanna Marie Lake Fund

At the request of the Lake family, the Washington Waldorf School has established the Alanna Marie Lake Endowment Seed Fund.

A Message from Camilla Lake:

Here is why I will give and continue to give to the Alanna Marie Lake Endowment Seed Fund…because my daughter Alanna was able to realize the fulfillment of her very short life, in large measure, due to the courage, love, dedication, and commitment expressed daily by her teachers, fellow students, and parents of our Washington Waldorf School community over the past seventeen years. I am humbled and amazed that the cumulative effect of countless inconsequential and seemingly meaningless acts, in the end resulted in the brilliance that will stand as the record of my daughter’s life. By giving what I can to this Fund, I am expressing in a similar small and inconsequential way the deep debt of gratitude that I owe to this institution, the Washington Waldorf School, and to this community. My hope and expectation is that our combined small gifts to this Fund will create a strong foundation which will continue to grow and generate untold possibilities for all of us in this community and beyond. For me, this is the perfect reflection of how we, over her seventeen years, created the foundation which launched Alanna and granted her the opportunity to explore with unbridled enthusiasm, joy, and freedom the deepest possibilities which lay within her.

To paraphrase Alanna from a playground conversation with one of her teachers earlier on the day of her death: “I may not have a Plan, but I do have a Path.”  And she still does.

Thank You

Camilla Ann Lake,
Alanna’s Mother