Parent Organization

2014-2015 School Year POSC

POSC Chairs: Carolyn Crouch and Adriana Gomez

The Parent Organization fosters an active community that is based on learning, leadership, and service. Parents are encouraged to participate in school life, both independently and in collaboration with the College of Teachers, teachers, administration, and the Trustees Council of our school. We strive to create and sustain a spirit of openness, clarity, and trust between the parents and the various parts of the school.

Members of the POSC will provide representation of the Children’s Garden (two representatives), Lower School – Grades 1-8 (three representatives), and the High School (two representatives). POSC members must be available to attend weekly POSC meetings throughout the school year. The POSC provides guidance and direction to the Parent Organization through monthly open Parent Organization meetings, communication with Class Representatives, and postings on the Parent Organization Bulletin Board.

The POSC is generally charged with identifying volunteer needs in coordination with the Development Office and appropriate faculty, recruiting and organizing volunteers and being involved in the planning, organization and implementation of school-wide events.

The POSC and Parent Organization are typically involved in the implementation of the following school-wide events: back to school picnic, fall bazaar, carol sing, faculty appreciation lunch, spring gala, grandparent’s day, and end of year school picnic.

Mission Statement

The Parent Organization Steering Committee (POSC) will work to foster healthy relationships throughout the WWS community while deepening parent understanding of and commitment to Waldorf education.


  1. To create a conscious and coordinated Volunteer Program guided by the needs of the Children's Garden faculty, Lower School faculty, High School faculty, Administrative faculty and Trustees Council.
  2. Within the context of creating and executing said volunteer program, to communicate appropriately with designated faculty as needed.
  3. To communicate/meet regularly with WWS leadership in order to manage the volunteer program, as well as handle other Steering Committee business. (Make-up of group and regularity of meetings/communication is determined by leadership.)
  4. To provide documentation to WWS community with regard to the volunteer program.
  5. To provide a non-voting member to the Trustee's Council. One Steering Committee member would attend meetings on a regular basis.
  6. To work closely with WWS leadership towards developing an effective parent education program.