High School Admissions (Grades 9 - 12)

High School Submission requirements:

  • Completed admissions application, available here
  • $60 application fee
  • Photo of your child
  • Official transcripts for current school year and previous 2 years
  • Two teacher recommendations (1 from English teacher and 1 from math, forms provided)
  • High school student questionnaire 
  • Other supporting documentation (i.e. any educational and/or psychological testing results)

The High School Faculty Admissions Committee will review the complete application and will schedule an interview with the parents and student. While here for the interview, the applicant is given written English and math assessments. Once the interview is conducted and the English and math assessments are evaluated, the High School Admissions Committee will consider inviting the student for a class visit of 3 consecutive days. The Admissions Committee will assess the class visit and make an admissions decision recommendation to the full faculty.

“First consideration” admissions application deadline for September entry is January 31. Admissions decisions will be rendered by the beginning of March. 

Admissions applications are accepted for September entry after January 31 on a rolling basis throughout the school year.  Acceptance notifications are sent within two weeks of completing the admissions process.