Explore Waldorf

Thank you for your interest in our school. To schedule a visit, or ask a question, please contact our Enrollment Director, Lezlie Lawson, by email or at 301-229-6107 x154.

A Better Way to Learn

At the Washington Waldorf School (WWS), we encourage the connections that broaden students’ experience and help them grow in new directions. Our teachers incorporate academic, artistic, and practical elements into every subject, creating memorable lessons — as well as strong individuals and highly successful scholars — along the way.

Our Mission

WWS cultivates each student’s capacity to think clearly, feel compassionately, and act purposefully in the world. We are committed to the educational movement inspired by the pioneering work of Rudolf Steiner and advanced by Waldorf teachers worldwide.

Our Core Values

WWS has certain timeless values that are the basis of our thoughts and actions. These core values guide our choices, define our courses, and establish our direction. We summarize our core values as follows:

  • The healthy development of children and adolescents
  • A balanced, dynamic curriculum
  • Meaningful teacher-student relationships
  • Exceptional teaching
  • A diverse and inclusive community
  • A respect for nature
  • Moral discernment
  • An active spiritual life

About Waldorf Programs

Parent-Child Programs, Pre-K, and Kindergarten

WWS believes that young children have innate capacities for awe, imagination, and wonder and our early childhood programs help nurture and strengthen those qualities. Our programs emphasize creative play as a foundation for independent activity and creative thinking.

Lower School

The imaginative life of students in the lower school is allowed to develop through a curriculum rich in movement, pictures, and stories. Intellectual insight awakens through active engagement and artistic involvement in subjects, giving a deep sense of connectedness to ideas and to the world.

High School

High school at WWS prepares young people for college and beyond through a demanding preparatory program. Students are challenged to develop their full capacities for thinking, creative imagination, and active engagement in the world.


WWS offers aftercare for children enrolled in pre-K, kindergarten, and first and second grades and students enrolled in third through eighth grades. Aftercare creates and maintains a safe, wholesome community for students after the regular school day is finished.