High School

Laurent Andre
Middle School, High School Spanish
License of Natural Science, Biology, University Orsee, Paris Sud, MITCM, Acupuncture, ESL, San Francisco. Laurent is a French and Spanish native. He studied Biology at Orsay University in France. In addition to his teaching, he is a certified reflexologist, and licensed acupuncturist. Laurent enjoys clowning workshops, Aikido, and the outdoors. He first came to the US to run the NYC marathon with his mother, followed by a visit that lasted more than the planned two weeks.

Barbara Bancroft
Art Department Chair., HS Studio Arts, Art History, History of Architecture

BFA, Pratt Institute. Drawn to study Anthroposophy at age 22, Barb first taught art for the Garden City Waldorf School of NY before attending graduate school in painting and drawing. After several years teaching for DC-area universities, she served as Visual Arts Director for Strathmore Hall Arts Center before starting a family. She was Curator for the Maryland Artists Collection at the University of MD, University College while continuing to teach on the college level. Barb’s career at Washington Waldorf began in 1998, where she runs the Art Department and teaches high school art. Barb also operates businesses as a textile designer and mural painter from her barn studio in Hyattsville, MD, where she and husband, John, raised two children.

Cullen Brownson

High School Mathematics

BA in mathematics and education, Bowdoin College. Cully taught middle school and high school mathematics in Maine as part of his undergraduate coursework. He also taught high school math in a summer program at Brown University and worked as a camp counselor in Michigan. He grew up in Ohio and spent many summers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan exploring nature and adventuring with his family. He enjoys sports, the culinary arts, and delving into an engrossing book. He is excited to be exploring the DC area with his wife Sara, and is thrilled to be part of the WWS community.

Nick Devinney

High School Mathematics and Physics

A native of Michigan and graduate of the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor, Nick graduated from Albion College with a BS in physics and a minor in math. At Albion he was a teaching assistant and tutor, which stimulated his interest in teaching. After graduation he taught and tutored at the Steiner School in Ann Arbor, and began high school teacher training at the Center for Anthroposophy in New Hampshire. While there he became acquainted with WWS, and was able to move to Maryland and take up a post teaching physics and math in our high school. Nick will complete his Waldorf high school teacher training next summer.

Susan Elfstrom
HS Biology, Chemistry, Geology
BA, religious studies and biology, Vanderbilt University; science teaching focus year, Georgia State University; MEd, environmental education specialization, University of Georgia. Susan's abiding interest in biology-sorts-of things started early. Growing up with acres to roam, a father who was a small town doctor, and an aunt who was a CDC bacteriologist, she found everything botanical, anatomical, and microbiological fascinating. She has spent a few years and many vacations in rural Sweden and is sort-of-fluent in Swedish, if you don't count spelling. In Sweden she first met Waldorf education and considers herself profoundly lucky to be teaching in a dynamic Waldorf high school. When she isn't grading papers, washing test tubes, or planning class trips, she enjoys gardening, hiking, canoeing, having her 3 grown children home.

Frank Hall
HS English, History
BA, English education, North Carolina State University; MA, English language and literature, North Carolina State University; Diploma, Waldorf Education, Waldorf Institute of Mercy College of Detroit. Frank is an amateur magician. His special magic act is making milk vanish in a large vase. He also does magic with decks of cards, but no fortune telling. Frank is an amateur astronomer, with naked eye as well as telescope and believes strongly that the four moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn are must sees. He writes poetry of different styles and contents, including haiku and sonnets. Some of Mr. Hall's poems have been read at special school events over the years. Finally, tennis is his sport of choice--the ball usually finds its way into the court.

Valerie LeBlanc
HS Chair, HS English/Humanities
BA, English literature, history minor; Certified teacher for grades 7–12 in English and social studies, Michigan State University; Additional graduate work in English literature, SUNY, Cortland; Certification in Waldorf Remedial Training, Association for Healing Education.

Gary Skowronski
HS Math, Chemistry, and Technology

BS Chemistry and Chemical Physics, Michigan State University MS Organic Chemistry, Central Michigan University Additional graduate work in Organic Chemistry, University of Maryland. Gary has had a passion for the sciences from an early age, always wanting to know how nature works. He fondly remembers the cheap microscope he received as a present one year, and how it ignited his innate curiosity. He spent his formative years in Michigan and moved to Maryland in 2008, where he was surprised to learn that many people do not know how to change oil or bait a hook. When not contemplating the latest findings in the scientific communities, he can likely be found playing Scrabble, ice hockey, or Nintendo, or hacking away at the next great American novel.

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