Faculty & Administration

The Washington Waldorf School is proud of its exceptionally dedicated and experienced faculty and staff. All of our class teachers and lead kindergarten teachers have completed Waldorf teacher trainings and the majority of our teachers take advantage of teacher professional development opportunities at school or at Waldorf courses and conferences. About one third of the teaching faculty have advanced degrees, and 26 faculty members have more than a decade of teaching experience.

Full Faculty

All teachers and administrative staff are considered to be members of the full faculty, which meets weekly. Although some decisions that affect the entire school are decided by the full faculty, the primary work of this group is to deepen faculty members' understanding of Waldorf education and child development.


The administration supports the work of the school by overseeing the physical plant, keeping the families apprised of school events, facilitating communication within the school, preparing student reports, etc.; by implementing the legal and business policies set by the Board of Trustees; by marketing the school and attracting new families into the enrollment process; by assisting in the implementation of pedagogical decisions made by the College of Teachers and the daily work of the departments.


There are four departments of the School: Early Childhood, Lower School, High School and Administration. All staff in each department are members of that department. Early Childhood, Lower School and High School, meet weekly to develop programs, discuss curriculum, focus on individual students’ needs and manage the larger decisions that affect day-to-day work of that department. Both the Lower School and the High School departments have "administrative circles" that help prepare agendas and to respond to situations that are time sensitive.

College of Teachers

The College of Teachers is composed of teachers who have experience in classroom teaching and/or Waldorf education and who are willing to take on the added responsibility of leadership. The College of Teachers (College) ensures that Washington WWS remains an authentic Waldorf school in terms of philosophy, pedagogy, and practices. The College ofTeachers provides oversight of the school’s program and personnel committees and is the decision-making body in these areas. The College reviews and makes changes to the budget each year where budgeting affects program. The budget is presented to the Finance Committee and to the Trustees Council for final approval.

The members of the College of Teachers are:

  • Jennifer Page, Chair
  • Barb Bancroft (HS)
  • Nevin Bender (HS, LS)
  • Barbara Buchman (LS)
  • Corinna Gittel (HS, LS)
  • Jody Grossman (CG)
  • Frank Hall (HS)
  • Wendy Jackson (CG)
  • Linc Kinnicutt (CG)
  • Ksenia Lake (LS)
  • Lezlie Lawson (ADMIN)
  • Valerie LeBlanc (HS)
  • Debbie Spitulnik (LS)
  • Dawn Tanner (LS)

Chairs Group

The Chair’s Group is made up of the Faculty Chair (Jennifer Page), High School (Valerie LeBlanc), Lower School (Corinna Gittel and Michelle Coleman), and Children’s Garden Chair (Linc Kinnicutt). It plays a large role in setting agendas and priorities in support of the Faculty Chair. The Group takes responsibility for department functions and whole-school tasks.

Faculty Chair, Jennifer Page

After teaching middle and high school music and history, and coaching track and field in both Chicago and Atlanta area public schools, Jennifer attended law school in Athens, GA. Following graduation, Jennifer practiced law in Maryland and the District of Columbia, where she is still a member of both state bars. After being exposed to Waldorf education, Jennifer decided to return to teaching and ultimately became trained as a Waldorf class teacher. In addition to class teaching at WWS, Jennifer has taught music, and served on the College of Teachers and the Board of Trustees. Jennifer and her husband, Greg, have three college-age children, all of whom attended WWS. Jennifer enjoys hiking, camping, scuba diving, music, reading, and playing with her two dogs and two cats.