Faculty Directory

Faculty Chair
Jennifer Page
301-229-6107 x128 email

Assistant to Faculty Chair/Financial Aid
Stacey Kornegay
301-229-6107 x121 email

Enrollment Director
Lezlie Lawson
301-229-6107 x154 email

High School Coordinator
Bonnie McClelland
301-229-6107 x115 email

Lower School Coordinator/Receptionist
Lur Egan
301-229-6107 x101 email

Assistant Business Manager
Marie Mauer
301-229-6107 x122 email

Athletics Office
Taisto Saloma
301-229-6107 email

Director of Advancement and Communications
Steve Smith
301-229-6107 x123 email

Director of Annual Giving and Events
Maria Monteverde-Jackson
301-229-6107 x125 email

Capital Campaign Director
Caitlin MacKenzie
301-229-6107 x127 email

Operations Manager
David Wu
301-229-6107 x112 email

Facilities Manager
John Cox
301-229-6107, x126 email

Registrar and College Counselor
(and Foreign Exchange Students)
Marta Schley
301-229-6107 x116

Department Chairs

Children's Garden Chair
Wendy Jackson
301-229-6107, x142 email

Lower School Chair
Jennifer Robinson (email) and Brian Lake (email), Co-Chairs


High School Chair
Valerie LeBlanc
301-229-6107 email